My name is Carlos Treviño, I am 43 years old. I was born January 24, 1974. I am a death row prisoner in Texas. I have been on Death Row since August 6, 1997.

Over the years people have seen my drawings and articles, but that doesn't tell too much about me. One can only find so much about me over the internet. So I would like to give everyone a view of my past, as to who I was then. I am not highly educated, nor am I educated book-wise. I only got up to the 9th grade because I was passed up, not because I was smart and had passing grades. Then I dropped out of school after I was caught with marijuana.

In my opinion I have some knowledge of LIFE, you be the judge. I can only write about where I have been, and what I've seen. Experiences have been my teacher. My greatest challenge was the war within myself. It took me years to really grow up and see life for what it really is. What I learned by viewing the people around me, and what they taught me through words was a big lie. As I write about my life experiences, there will be people of all ages that who will, or have been, through it. Who never really gave it much thought, and accepted it as a part of life. Which is a lie. My mission has long been to teach people...especially the young people, the dangers of the streets, as well as prison life. I feel that God has placed it in my heart to give a view of the life that many of us in prison have lived through. My hopes are that someone will read this and maybe it will open someone's eyes and change their lives for the better, and avoid prison life, or even Death Row. There is nothing here for no one.

In here all day, I see walls. I see steel bars. When I look out my window. The only thing I see is the prison. Day in and day out in my surroundings, I see sadness, frustration and people lost in confusion. Sometimes I see tears  that come from the crazy roller coaster emotions that Death Row stirs within our hearts and minds. This is not living, nor a life... I wish to hear a voice that can bring me the world of the living. A letter with a few words telling me that people still laugh. Where people go out to take walks under the clouds. Where lovers dance under the rain. Where children run and yell under the sun. Where people read books under a tree, while the birds sing above them... I also pray that I get many pictures of the living world.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Today I live in difficulty. Where it is hard to see clearly. Where a lot doesn't make sense. Where many times understanding falls short. Where sometimes I feel like giving up. Where I wish that Death Row wasn't real. But I know that deep down within my heart, I must not give up. I must keep looking for tomorrow. For only God knows what tomorrow brings.

It's hard to find real interest in here. I am very limited to the things I can have or do. I do enjoy reading romance novels. I love animals and butterflies. I like to draw from time to time. The thing I love to do most is look at pictures of the living world. Everything from the ocean, to everything on the land. Pictures take me away from this place.

If you are the voice who can bring me the world of the living, and listen to the words of a person being held under a rock in the dark, please make yourself be known. I'll be waiting...

Love and Blessings, 

Carlos Treviño 

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